Washing After Hair Transplant

One of the most important questions asked about the post-hair transplantation process is related to washing after a hair transplant. After a hair transplant, the healing of the scar tissue takes 24/48 hours. Therefore, hair washing is recommended 3 days after FUE hair transplant. If there are any signs of infection on the skin, you need to consult your doctor before starting the first wash. However, the first washing after hair transplant is usually done in the centers where you have a hair transplant. If you do not have such an opportunity, we have written the washing steps after hair transplant for you below.

Why do you need 3 days for washing after hair transplant?

After FUE hair transplant, skin contraction occurs for a certain period of time. This period is the 3rd day if there is no infection. On the third day after hair transplant, skin contraction reaches 90%. 0.7 -0.8 mm surgical stab wounds used in FUE hair transplantation usually narrow one hundred percent during this time. Therefore, the probability of damage to the grafts decreases after the third day.

Washing process after hair transplant

  • Wash your hands first.
  • Apply the moisturizer and panthenol lotions given to you to your treatment area as prescribed. You should do this application gently.
  • Wait 30 minutes after applying the lotion.
  • At the end of this period, you can wash the lotion area with warm water.
  • Apply foam shampoo to the transplant and donor area. If your shampoo is not a form of foam, apply some amount of shampoo to your hand. Then, make a foam in it.
  • You can apply the shampooing process twice.
  • You may see some shampoo and lotion residues in the application area. Remove this debris with warm water.
  • After the hair washing process is finished, dry the transplant area and the donor area carefully.
  • Unless otherwise recommended by your doctor, continue the washing process at regular intervals until the crusts in your area of the procedure fall off.
  • After washing after hair transplantation, you may notice white dandruff-like flakes on your head, which usually disappear within the first 10 days.
  • After the first wash, you can wash your hair with more pressure every day. This will help increase the rate of shedding of crusts.
  • You should not use too hot or too cold water during washing. Also, do not dry your head with a hot blow dryer after hair washing.
  • There may be questions that you have during or after washing. For this, please contact your hair transplant specialist.
  • After you start washing, you may have painful and wet wounds in your transplant and donor area. When you notice this, contact your doctor immediately.
  • After the washing process, you can apply the lotions and ointments recommended by your doctor to heal your donor area.
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