Afro Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the problems that makes every person unhappy. But it is an important detail that there are permanent solutions to hair loss thanks to changing and renewed technology. Afro hair transplant is a little different from the other hair transplantation processes. Afro hair is known for its tight curls and, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with the Asian and Caucasian hair type. Thus, this type of hair is more characteristic than other types of hair.

In Afro hair type, the hair grows parallel to the scalp. This is an indication that Afro hair grows more slowly than other hair types. This type of hair transplant is a method that is applicable for people with Afro or curly hair. Due to the structural difference of such hair, it is necessary that the operation be performed by an experienced specialist.  Because the operation is quite difficult to return if the hair is planted incorrectly. The placement of each graft by angle is different. One of the most critical points in the process is the analysis of curly hair and the correct conduct of this analysis. According to the results of the analysis, specialist doctors should take into account many conditions, such as transplant angle and scalp. Another important point is that the number of grafts, which can be difficult for mostly curly hair, is evaluated correctly according to the needs of the person. Extraction is very important due to the type and depth of the graft, because damage or loss of grafts causes significant negativity during the procedure.


Things to Know About Afro Hair Transplant

Afro hair transplant involves removing the hair follicles from the back of the head and transplanting them to an area with baldness. These hair follicles are genetically immune to the hormone that causes hair loss, so they do not undergo an operation that causes hair loss on the upper side of the head.

Afro Hair Transplantation Methods

There are two methods of afro hair transplant. These are;

  • The FUE method involves the specialist doctor removing the grafts and inserting them into the opened channels. These follicular units are known as grafts and also contain the surrounding adipose tissue. These units are transferred to ensure the natural appearance with minimal risk.
  • FUT process is another method that can be used for Afro textured hair. But this method is the first technique used in hair transplantation. This rather primitive technique is now almost never used.
  • DHI Technique is one of the latest hair transplant techniques. You can contact us for detailed information about hair transplant with the DHI technique, which is an improved version of the FUE method.


Important Points to Consider After Hair Transplant

In order to get good results after a hair transplantation operation, it is very important to follow the rules of post-procedure care.

  • After the operation, you should use all the medications recommended by your specialist doctor regularly and pay attention to the instructions given to you by the doctor,
  • There is no harm in using cigarettes and alcohol a week after the procedure,
  • It is important not to tilt your head after the procedure and to keep your head upright during sleep or sitting,
  • In order for your hair to grow healthy, you should take care of consuming rich nutrients,
  • Dressings should be done regularly for minor swelling,
  • The area should remain dry for 48 hours after the procedure,
  • It is recommended to wait a while for sports,
  • The area which is operated should be kept clean after the operation,
  • After the operation, you should not go to places such as baths and saunas for about a month.


How Long Does Hair Growth Last After an Afro Transplant?

After an African-American hair transplant operation, hair will come out in a year on average.

You can contact us for detailed information about the achievements and hair transplantation performed at our hair transplant center that make you happy from a natural and aesthetic point of view. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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