Hygiene and Sweating After Hair Transplantation

A hair transplant operation is a very sensitive treatment technique with factors to be considered both before and after. However, if you fully comply with the recovery programs set by specialist physicians, the success rate increases considerably. Among the things to be considered after the operation are bandage removal and sweating after hair transplantation.

Sweating After Hair Transplantation

Sweating is one of the factors that should be considered after hair transplantation and should be kept under intensive follow-up for 10 to 15 days. We can express the two basic parts that need to be emphasized on this factor as follows:

  • Lactic acid, which begins to be secreted in the body with sweating, makes the hair follicles dry, weak and brittle. For this reason, the post-operative recovery process is disrupted and the efficiency of the operation decreases.
  • Sweating hair follicles cause itching. In this case, many of the patients try to remove the itching by touching the hair follicles.

The efficiency of hair transplantation operation undoubtedly does not depend only on the way the surgical technique is applied during the operation. It also depends on the factors to be considered before and after the operation. The problem of sweating after hair transplantation should be approached from this point of view. Therefore, it would be more accurate to clarify the situation by associating it with other factors to be considered after the operation. From this point of view; There is a strong link between post-operative sweating and sexual intercourse and sports factors. It is recommended that sexual intercourse after hair transplantation should not be at least 10-15 days. However, you should stay away from sports and activities that require excessive effort in order to prevent complications that may occur due to contact and sweating in the hair follicles.

Hygiene After Hair Transplantation

The concept of hygiene is very important in all stages of hair transplantation operation. This situation maintains the same importance at the point of bandage removal or other activities after hair transplantation. The most important thing you need to do to prevent infection of the operation area is to keep the area clean for a certain period of time and protect it against impacts.

On the second or third day after the operation, the bandage is opened and the first wash is done after hair transplantation. During this washing, shampoos with special lotion are used. After washing, the bandage is often not worn again, the reason for this is; a delay in the healing process of hair follicles due to sweating and failure to provide adequate hygiene. In general; All points to be considered after hair transplantation is in a relationship with each other.

The main purpose of taking these points as a basis; is the acceleration of the healing process of the hair follicles, which become very sensitive after the operation. This process must be completed without infection. For this reason, hygiene after hair transplantation is of great importance for patients.

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