Here’s Everything You Need To Know About A Hair Transplant Graft

How many grafts will you need for your hair transplant? This is not an easy question to answer as this number will vary according to the person. But simply, the hairline hair transplant operation requires between 500-1800 grafts. So what is a graft in hair transplantation? How many hair follicles are there in a graft? Continue reading our article to learn the answers to all these questions.

What are hair grafts?

The name hair graft is used to describe a segment of skin that contains hair. The number of grafts a patient will need varies according to the thickness of their hair and the size of their hair loss. During a hair transplant, grafts are usually taken from the donor area located behind the scalp. It is then moved to a balding area. Behind the scalp is a high amount of hair follicles that collect in that area and are not affected by the process of baldness. Therefore, it creates a good extraction area.

Specialist surgeons remove a small amount of tissue from here that can make the hair grow. Then he places them on the desired area of the head without damaging them.

In general, there are two types of hair transplantation that are commonly applied. Both of these depend on the extraction process. The most popular among the two is FUE hair transplantation. In this procedure, your doctor carefully removes individual hair follicles from the donor area. Then transplant it to the desired place. In DHI hair transplantation, grafts are collected thanks to a medical pen called choi. Then, the hair taken thanks to this pen is placed directly into the skin without opening an incision or channel.

How many hair grafts do I need for my transplant?

There are approximately 2-3 hair strands in a graft. For example, 2000 grafts contain 4000-6000 hair follicles. Before hair transplantation, graft calculation is done by doctors. After this calculation, it is determined how many grafts the person needs.

What determines the number of grafts needed?

The actual number of grafts that each patient will need varies depending on different causes. These causes usually include the following reasons:

  • The degree of thinning the patient has
  • The hair transplant technique used (DHI or FUE)
  • Predicted future hair loss
  • The areas of baldness the patient would like addressed
  • The quality and quantity of hair in the donor area
  • Budget

In our hair transplantation clinic, each patient is subjected to consultation, which usually lasts for one hour. Then a medical check is done with our team of nurses. At this appointment, the design of the hair transplant is discussed in more detail with the team. The amount of donor hair that the patient has is calculated. Then an accurate estimate is prepared for the patient about how many grafts are needed. This correct estimate can only be given after this detailed examination and interviews.

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