Unshaven Hair Transplant

Although transplant is mostly done after shaving during hair transplantation procedures, unshaven hair
transplantation is also possible if the right methods are used. With this technique, which is one of the
new methods, you can achieve success without the need for shaving. People who want a hair transplant
operation can opt-out of the operation when they want to shave their hair. It is normal that people do
not want a shaved appearance during hair transplant procedures. It is important to have a natural
appearance and for people to return to their working and social lives quickly.

Until some time ago, it was necessary to shave the area for multiple or single uptake of hair follicles in
the operation. It was not an easy situation for people who had to walk around with a shaved hair. For
this reason, it was a common situation for many people who wanted a hair transplant procedure to give
up when they found out that the donor area had been shaved during the operation. Unshaven hair
transplant technique is a new method developed to solve this problem.

How Is Unshaven Hair Transplant Performed?

Unshaven hair transplantation is a practice that is often chosen for various hair loss experienced in some
parts of the head. Hair in the area where the hair transplant will be transplanted is mostly not shaved.
Contrary to what is understood when it comes to unshaven hair transplantation, a small amount of
shaving is done on the nape of the neck.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation in Women

Unshaven hair transplant technique is the most preferred technique of hair transplantation by women.
Not cutting the hair for the operation allows long-haired people to prefer unshaven hair transplantation.
FUE and DHI techniques can be used when performing unshaven hair transplantation in women, just like
in men. It becomes clear which method of hair transplantation is right for you after a preliminary
examination. A hair transplant specialist examines your hair structure and determines the most correct
technique for you. Do you want to know if you are a suitable candidate for an unshaven hair transplant?
Then contact our experts in case you waste time. Let;s determine the best technique for you together.

Things to Know Before Hair Transplant Without Shaving

  • In order to minimize the risk of bleeding due to the technique to be used during the procedure, the use of blood thinners should be recommended within the knowledge of a specialist doctor.
  • Hair styling products such as lotions and creams should not be used for hair follicles for some time. An unshaven hair transplant is not suitable for some people. Therefore, it will be appropriate to determine the area to be transplanted before the procedure and to decide on the right method for the operation with your specialist doctor.
  • Caffeine-containing drinks should be discontinued in advance, as they can affect the hair follicles during the procedure.

* Alcohol and smoking also affect the hair follicles and the healing process. That is why it should be left for a month before the procedure. Even if it can’t be left, its reduction is important for the recovery period.


Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

  • No haircut is needed,
  • Natural appearance is not adversely affected because it is done without shaving,
  • Recovery time is fast,
  • In about ten days almost most of the traces will disappear,

* Crusts can be hidden,

  • It is a good method for women.


The operations performed with the expert and talented doctors and professionals in the field promise significant success for you. It should also be noted that our priority is always your health with highly observed hygiene rules. Disinfection, hygienic care and control of materials are important points that we consider important for you to feel safe.


Contact us if you are interested in hair transplantation methods that have been successfully performed at the Hairplant Clinic. You can contact us for detailed information about the results and unshaven hair transplantation performed in our hair transplant center, which makes you happy in a natural, successful and aesthetic way.

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