Hair Transplant Before and After

Before and After Hair Transplant

Everything you are wondering about before and after hair transplant is waiting for you in this article.

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Points to Consider Before Hair Transplant Procedure is Performed

  • It is important to quit smoking a week before the hair transplant procedure. If you can’t take a break, you should try smoking less. Because smoking will affect the recovery period,
  • You should not consume green tea before hair transplant process
  • You should definitely inform your specialist doctor about the medications you have to use due to diseases such as chronic diabetes, blood pressure, heart or acute,
  • One week before the procedure you should stop using alcohol,
  • It is important that you do not consume products that contain coffee and caffeine,
  • Before the procedure, you should stop using drugs that prevent clotting,
  • Be sure to have breakfast before coming to the operation. If your transaction is in the afternoon, a light lunch will be useful,
  • Please choose comfortable clothes before the procedure. A shirt is a good option for this type of procedure.
  • One month before the procedure the use of medications and lotions should be stopped,
  • Any hair styling products should not be used before and after hair transplant in women,
  • Be careful not to drive after the hair transplant operation. If you are going to the operation with your car, it will be good to have someone to accompany you.
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Things to Consider After Hair Transplant Operation

  • Avoid situations such as constant fatigue, sweating, or taking a shower. At the same time, sweating negatively affects the hair follicles,
  • Do not use alcohol because you will use antibiotics after hair transplant. Alcohol will cause harm to newly planted hair,
  • One of the points that you should pay attention to after the hair transplantation procedure is pain and weakness. There may be tension in the area due to local anesthesia. With the medication recommended by your doctor, these complaints will disappear,
  • If the hair is falling out due to stress, be careful not to be stressed after the procedure,
  • Refrain from sexual intercourse for a short time after the procedure,
  • At night, you should especially lie on your back and do not touch the treatment area,
  • After the second day of the hair transplant operation, nothing will be applied to the area. Use only the medicines and solutions prescribed by your specialist doctor,
  • If you reach out to the area where the hair was transplanted after the procedure, there may be edema. You don’t have to worry about this situation. This condition disappears in a short time.

What to Do Immediately After Hair Transplant Procedure?

Do not wash your hair on the first day after the operation. The first washing is usually performed by a specialist in the hair transplant clinic. On the second day, you should have a medical dressing in the hospital. You can wash your hair after the third day. If you do not act carefully when washing your hair, the hair follicles may be damaged. This can make it difficult to get the result you want from a hair transplantation.

After the operation, it is important that nothing touches the area where the hair follicle was planted. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, tea and coffee before and after hair transplant.

The First Week After the Hair Transplant Operation

The transplanted area of the hair should be protected from the sun and the rain for two weeks. Avoid entering excessively hot or cold places. You should wash with warm water and stay away from areas such as baths, saunas, pools. These places increase the risk of infection. Scars and crusts that you form a week after the transplantation also pass.

All hair transplantation techniques performed at the Hairplant Clinic are performed by experts in the field with the latest technological tools. If you are also considering having hair transplantation at our center, you can contact us for photos before and after hair transplant.

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