Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

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Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

With the hair transplant graft calculator, you can find out how much graft you need for the operation.

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Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

With the hair transplant graft calculator, you can find out how much graft you need for the operation. Graft calculation is one of the terms that comes to patients who want to have hair transplantation procedure. Graft calculation is an important aspect needed to perform the transplant process properly in hair transplantation operation. Many situations in the hair transplant process are determined by graft calculation. Correct graft calculation will increase the success in the operation. In this article, you can find what you are wondering about graft.

What is a Graft?

If you are planning to have hair transplantation, you should get used to the word graft because you will come across a lot in your research before the operation. Before the topic of calculating the graft, you need to know what this term means. There is often a situation where there is a lot of confusion. Because many people think that the word graft is a hair follicle. But there is no such case. The graft also includes the hair follicles and some skin parts inside. There are mostly two or three strands of hair follicles in the graft site. These hair follicles and part of the skin are transplanted to the desired area by a specialist. Before this procedure, graft calculation procedures for hair transplantation are necessarily performed.

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Why is Graft Calculation Important?

Hair transplant graft calculator is a procedure that determines how much transplant should be done to the area where baldness has occurred. That is why graft calculation is a process that should definitely not be skipped. The rate of baldness in the head area of each patient is not similar. For this reason, it is necessary to make a planning that is specific to the person. As a result, it is necessary to know how many hair follicles will be planted for the designated area. That is why the graft calculation should be carried out by specialists.

Hair Transplant Graft Calculator: Graft Reception

There are many elements in the competition against hair loss, the method that gives a definite result among them is hair transplantation. Currently, hair transplant operations are successfully performed by specialists in many clinics and hospitals. Graft retrieval is a method performed in this process. It is a successful transfer of hair follicles taken from a healthy site to the area to be transplanted to the designated area.

How is the Graft Calculation Done?

After the graft calculation is made, transplantation is started. Up to 6000 to 7000 root crops can be transplant at a time. But this condition varies depending on the structure of the patients’ head and the amount of hair they need. This is a need, especially for common and excessive spills. There are many stages in the graft calculation process. These details;

  • First, the patient’s head is examined in detail,
  • It is determined in which areas there is no hair,
  • How many roots to use is set,
  • Then the forehead line is created,
  • It is set how many grafts will be transplanted at each site.

The important point here is the area where the grafts will be taken. There should be no problems in the relevant region. A graft usually has 2-3 strands of hair. For example, 2000 grafts mean as many as 4000 to 6000 hair follicles. For a good transplantation, there must be enough hair in the donor area. At the same time, the structure of the hair and scalp plays an important role in the reception and calculation of grafts.

Features of the Donor Site in the Calculation of Grafts

Donor area is very important in graft calculation. Because that’s the source. The first issue to note is that there is a sufficient amount of hair in the designated area. Another important issue is the structure of the hair strand. In addition, the structure of the scalp is another important point to consider.

Hair transplantation operations are successfully performed at the Hairplant Clinic. We are pleased to welcome you to our center with our experienced staff and world-class service quality. For more detailed information and a hair transplant graft calculator, you can contact us.

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