Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is a procedure performed to ensure that the area that comes out of the sparse beard has the desired beard frequency and shape. It may be preferred for people who have never grown beard, who can’t grow beard in some areas due to wounds or burn marks.


Reasons for Choosing Beard Transplantation

At the end of puberty, voice thickening, weight and height change, as well as beard are an important consideration for most of men. If beard still do not grow in the twenties, the acquisition of beard by natural means has ceased. The fact that the beard turns out a little or in some areas it is asymmetrical, is a problem for many men. In addition, some people feel bad about this appearance when their beard grow. Patients are quite satisfied with the result of this procedure applied to those who have these problems.

A beard is an important element in the appearance of men. It has been a good alternative for men who have a sparse or abnormal beard with the advancement of technology. The beard, which is aesthetically important, may decrease due to many reasons. Thanks to the process, beards can reach the desired level and allow a significant difference to be made on the person’s face.

It is the person’s own choice to decide on a beard transplantation. However, for some, the beard problem is an aesthetic problem, and this method can be chosen to solve it. The procedure should be performed by experienced specialists. The person’s own hair follicles are used to the patient during the procedure. Beard hair transplantation is a permanent procedure. There is almost no risk of shedding the planted roots. A problem does not occur as long as the operation is performed by specialists in their work.


Important Points in the Beard TransplantProcess

It is important that the hair follicles to be transplant in the area are suitable during the beard transplantation process. Because these hair follicles are thinner than the hair, the roots to be planted should be suitable. For this reason, mostly the hair follicles on the neck are preferred for the beard area. A transplant that will look natural is important for beard hair transplantation. At the same time, the nape region is also a suitable area for beard transplantation. But the priority is usually the neck area.

Another important issue during the beard transplantation process is transplant the hair follicles at the right angle to the patient’s beard. This is a point that should be considered for a natural appearance. During the procedure, the hair follicles should be single. The hair roots taken should be separated individually and transplantation should be done in the same way. The reason for this condition is that the hair follicles in the beard area are usually made up of grafts that are the only hair follicles.

The Process of Beard Transplant

Before the operation, issues such as how the person requests a beard and how much beard transplantation is to be applied should be completed. That is why, the operation should be carried out with proper planning and qualified doctors. Before transplantation procedure, the specialist marks the areas where the facial transplantation will be performed and the result that will occur after the beard transplantation is shown to the patient on a computer environment. Beard transplant is performed with local anesthesia and sedation. The duration of the operation is about two to five hours.


The Details That Should Be Considered After Beard Transplant

  • There should be no contact with the treated area,
  • The area where the operation is performed should not be shaved until approval is given from the specialist,
  • Only products recommended by the specialist should be applied to the area,
  • The treated area should not be washed on the first day.

The better the patient who has undergone the operation takes care of the area during the recovery period after facial transplantation, the more transplant he will receive from the procedure performed.

The positive results of the beard transplantation procedure performed at the Hairplant Clinic are an example of the achievements of our expert doctors and our talented team. You can also contact us for a beard transplant operation and find out what you are wondering.

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