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After Hair Transplant

The process of care and recovery after hair transplant is quite important. That is why the more important it is to conduct an accurate survey and preparation before the operation, the more important it is in the process after the operation.

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Care After Hair Transplantation Operation

Starting from the first day, the patient is informed by the specialist and the team about what needs to be paid attention to. If the patient is attentive to the area which is being transplanted in the process after hair transplantation, the success rate also increases to that degree.

The first night after the hair transplant procedure is very important. After hair transplantation, people should be especially careful when washing their hair. The crusted area needs to be treated more sensitively.  Therefore, it is recommended that the first washing should be done by a specialized team. Following the recommendations informed by the specialist who transplant the hair transplant, using the care products which are given will benefit your hair to be healthy.

There is no need to think about the choice of shampoo after hair transplant. Your specialist will recommend special shampoos and lotions for washing. Hair should be washed with these products 1 or 2 times a day for two weeks. But during washing, no massaging movements should be made to the transplant area. After the washing process is over, the hair is rinsed. But the dryer should not be used for the first 5-7 days. In the following days, you can dry it using the cold air button. Although you need to be more meticulous in the first periods during the hair transplantation care process, your routine care will be sufficient in the following times.

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Additional Information About Hair Transplant Aftercare

A few weeks after hair transplant, hair may fall out. After this stage, called shock hair loss, the hair will grow back later.

Sports activities should not be performed for three days after the procedure. Then it can be started with light activities. After 15 days, all activities can be done.

After the operation, you should not be in a dirty area for three days. If this is the case, a hat should be used.

Hairspray or gel should not be used for two weeks after hair transplant.

After the operation, it is necessary to stay away from the sun’s rays, which will delay the healing of the scalp for about one or one and a half months.

It is not recommended to enter the pool, sea and sauna for 1 week after hair transplant.

Recommendations on Nutrition After Hair Transplant

There are some important points in your diet to have healthy and strong hair at the end of a hair transplant operation and to get the natural hair you want. For hair health, there are additional foods that are recommended for your meals after the procedure. Some vitamins, such as B7 and B12, are especially important for hair health. In order for the hair to heal quickly, you can consume foods that contain these vitamins. Avocados, chicken, nuts, red meat, bananas and eggs are foods rich in vitamin B.


How Do the Scars Pass After the Operation?

After hair transplant, some scars or rashes such as acne are encountered with the application such as opening a canal during transplant. These types of scars are scars that are likely to form naturally due to the process and disappear in a short time. Depending on your body type and the region where the procedure is performed, all traces will disappear completely in an average of ten days or so. As long as the care is done correctly after the hair transplant and nutrition is given importance, the healing process will take place quickly.


What Not to Do After Hair Transplant

  • It is recommended not to take a shower in too hot or too cold water,

* Avoid ready-made or unhealthy products,

  • Try not to use products such as alcohol and cigarettes,
  • Reduce stress as much as possible,
  • Keep your head and especially your hair as far away from impacts as possible.

Every step in the hair transplant operation is important for us. All planning is carefully carried out for our patients from the preparatory stage of the operation to the last part. Our specialists and professional transplantation doctors take care of every detail separately. You can also contact us to find out what you are interested in.

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