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Washing Hair After Hair Transplant

Read this article to learn about washing hair after hair transplant. The most important point is the care of the hair after the hair transplant operation. Care should be done when washing hair after hair transplant. When you come to our clinic, our experts will inform you in detail about hair washing after hair transplantation.

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Washing After Hair Transplant and Its Importance

In the first days after hair transplantation, the hair follicles have not fully settled in the areas where they were transplanted. Any negative movement that may occur during this period may prevent the roots from holding on to the scalp.

Scabbing after hair transplant is one of the most common conditions.  Therefore, it is necessary to be extra sensitive when washing the crusted area. The main goal of hair washing after hair transplant is to clean the hair without damaging the hair follicle. During washing after the operation, the crusts fall out from the hair follicles. Washing allows the roots to breathe. If the washing is not done quickly or correctly after the procedure, the hair roots located in the transplanted area will be damaged. For the first washing process after transplantation, it is necessary to learn how to wash well.

The first washing after hair transplant is an important and delicate application. In case it is not done correctly, it will be more correct to carry out the first washing after the operation in the clinic or hospital where the procedure is performed by nurses because the new hair follicles planted are negatively affected.

It is necessary to pay attention to important points during the first washing, which is usually done on the second or third day after hair transplant. In general, in most of the activities performed after hair transplantation, the important thing is that the new hair follicles are not damaged. The key point of washing is that the crusts formed during the procedure are cleaned and the hair follicles are strengthened. No rubbing or pressure should be applied to the hair follicles that are sensitive during drying, and products that will adversely affect the hair follicles should not be used. After the washing process is over, the hair roots should not be left wet. Drying should be done using a hair dryer or with the help of a soft towel so as not to adversely affect the new hair follicles. When a hair dryer is preferred, the blowing speed of the machine should be reduced to a low degree and the drying process should take place at a distance of at least thirty centimeters from the hair.

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Points to Be Considered During First Wash After Hair Transplant

  • It will be more correct to do the first washing in a clinic or hospital. Then you can proceed as you were taught,
  • The water should not be too hot or too cold. It is recommended to wash the hair with warm water. Water can be at room temperature,
  • The purpose of the given lotion is to facilitate a better softening of the crusts,
  • After hair transplantation and after washing your hair, you can dry your hair by making a light compress with the help of a soft towel. It will be more convenient for you to leave it in its own state during the summer period. It is recommended to hold it remotely if you are going to use a dryer,
  • You can wash 2 times a day preferably after hair transplantation. It can be increased during the summer period,
  • During washing, hair crumbs may also fall out along with the crusts. These are broken hair strands, not transplanted hair follicles,

* Gloves should be used during hair washing after hair transplant, washing should not be done barehanded,

  • There are no extra procedures for washing the donor area. You can wash the area by rubbing it with your fingers.


With qualified specialist doctors and a professional team, our priority at every stage of hair transplantation is your health. It is our basic principle that the tools used in hair transplant and other treatments are only individual and that the hygiene of all materials is kept at the forefront. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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