Hair Transplants of Celebrities

If you are wondering which celebrities have had hair transplantation, here are the famous names who have had hair transplantation. Many people, when faced with the problem of hair loss, breathe in hair transplantation clinics. Celebrity or not, hair loss is an important problem that many people experience. But well-known names are always in front of the camera, and therefore they have no choice but to look good.

Famous Names Who Have Had Hair Transplantation

Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

Rooney, a famous football player, is among the celebrities who have had hair transplantation. He had his hair transplant operation in 2011. The result after the operation was quite good for Rooney. After providing the appearance he wanted, his concerns about his appearance completely disappeared.

David Beckham’s Hair Transplant

Another football player, David Beckham, is also one of those who made the application. David Beckham has always been one of those people who attracts attention. His hair and tattoos, which increased his attractive appearance, were important points for his image. Beckham has undergone multiple hair transplant operations. Nowadays, David Beckham attracts a lot of attention with his thick hair. 

Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Transplant

Matthew McConaughey, one of the most important actors in Hollywood, is also among the famous names who have had hair transplant operation. In addition to the procedure for his hair, he is also a very careful person in terms of hair care.

Elton John’s Hair Transplant

One of the first names that comes to mind when the title “hair transplants of celebrities” is said is Elton John. Elton explained that he had unsuccessful hair transplantation experience twice. After negative experiences, he underwent a hair transplantation operation with the FUE technique in 2013. And the results are quite successful. Elton is a name that still has lush and thick hair today.

Stephanie Davis’s Hair Transplant

Davis is among the celebrities who have undergone hair transplantation. Davis said that she had been thinking about having this procedure since she was a child and that the problem with her hair caused her stressful times. The famous actress is one of those who decided to have a hair transplant operation to increase her self-confidence. It is also an example that hair transplant surgery is not only for men.

Hair Transplants of Celebrities: Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr is one of the people who has undergone a hair transplantation operation and is quite satisfied with this application. He is one of the names that does not hide that he had hair transplantation. He got transplantation to have a lower hairline, and the results are very satisfactory.

Besides the operations of foreigner famous people, there are some famous people who preferred hair transplantation. Cihan Ünal, the famous artist had hair transplantation due to thinning of his hair. The famous name, which looks very young and dynamic in its post-operation form, is quite satisfied with the results. 

Coşkun Sabah, the famous singer is also one of the names who got natural hair with hair transplantation procedure. In the morning, He liked her new hair so much that He opened a hair transplant center. Gökhan Ünal is one of the football players who had hair transplantation. After the hair transplant procedure, he was noted for not hitting the ball with his head. Memduh Ün took his place among the celebrities who got hair transplantation and he expressed that everyone should have hair transplantation to regain their self-confidence. Fikret Kuşkan is one of the names who has achieved quite natural results in hair transplant operation.

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