Hairline Hair Transplant

If you have hair loss only in the front parts of your hair, anterior hairline transplant is for you. You can have a new look with hairline transplant.

Hairline Loss

Hair loss is a problem that a lot of people could suffer from. Hair loss caused by aging or male pattern baldness could be considered the most common. But hair loss could be seen in all kinds of different people. It could be seen in younger people due to a wide range of reasons like genetics or scalp injuries. Losing hair, thinning hair, or having a naturally big forehand could be a problem for many people. And it can affect a person’s confidence and happiness. There are products claimed to be designed for this problem, but mostly they are not effective. Hairline transplant is the best solution to this problem. Hair transplantation is a surgery that moves the hair follicles that a person already has and transplants them in an area where hair is lost or thinning. Hair is a medical procedure that should be performed by expert and experienced doctors in a hospital environment.

Hair Transplant for Hairline

Determining the area and the hairline is a vital part of this procedure because it should align with the patients’ genetics and their desired appearance. After determining the problem area there, are two different methods used for transplanting the hair. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is the most popular and considered the best technique for hair transplantation. FUE involves taking grafts from the patient after local anesthesia. Then these grafts are separated one by one and prepared for transplantation. 

The surgeon creates small slits in the area where each graft will be placed. Then grafts were placed in these slits. This procedure should be completed in the correct technique. The different qualities of the grafts and the conditions of the area that they are going to be planted should be considered. Other benefits of the FUE technique include not feeling pain and having a comfortable procedure as a result of local anesthesia also not requiring hospitalization after the procedure. The patient could return to their normal life after one day. After the treatment, the patient should consider the doctor’s orders to complete the process with satisfaction.

What is Hairline Transplant?

One of the most important points of hair transplantation process is the creation of hairline. What most concerns people who want to have hair transplantation surgery is whether the transplanted hair will look natural. Accurate determination of the front hairline will ensure a natural appearance. Points to be considered in the front hairline transplant process; age, number of grafts, facial structure and forehead width and shedding rate. Hair transplantation front hairline procedure is performed taking into account the health and aesthetic appearance of the patient who will have the operation. The adequacy of the hair in the donor area, the number of grafts and the front hairline are determined by the doctor before the hair transplantation procedure.

The front hairline is planned during the preparation phase of the operation. Measurement and determination are carried out by the expert. The forehead span area is adjusted for the measurement of the front hairline starting between the two eyebrows. From where the hair area begins to the skin boundary, a medium area of seven centimeters is determined, which becomes the area where the front hairline begins. During the operation, the expert team works diligently and places the grafts in the right places at the right angles. The angle and direction of the grafts planted in the operation area during hairline transplant are important in the hair transplantation process. Hair strands are mixed and placed in a natural way.

The successful results of hair transplantation operations in our clinic are an example of the work of our expert and professional team. You can also contact us for hairline transplant and find out what you are wondering. 

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