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 What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an application that produces a natural and permanent solution to baldness problem in people who have hair loss or hair loss. The process of planting healthy hair follicles in hairless areas where the hair follicles are not active is called hair transplantation. In the fallen area, one’s own hair is planted. Hair transplantation is prepared and applied exclusively for the person. With the hair transplantation process, the hair follicles in the nape of the person are mostly removed and planted in the canals opened in the areas where dilution has occurred or been shed. The main goal here is to give the planted area a natural, permanent hairy appearance. It is important that the planting process is carried out by a professional team. With the hair transplantation process, the patient’s own hair is gained permanently.

Candidates Suitable for Hair Transplantation Operation

Today, many people experience hair loss regardless of whether they are male or female. Therefore, hair transplantation is one of the most preferred methods. It is necessary to be over 18 years of age for hair transplantation operation. All people who have experienced hair loss problems for various reasons and who have as many follicles as necessary in  the donor area  can have hair transplantation operation.

Information About Hair Transplant Specialist

Hair transplantation specialist is the title given to people who plant in bald areas in the head area, hair follicles from the fields and plant in the designated area. They must have received the necessary training. People who are educated in the Medical Faculties of universities and who are experts in fields such as Aesthetic Surgeons can become hair transplant specialists. In order to become a hair transplant specialist, it is necessary to graduate from health departments. After training, they can work as specialists in hair transplantation. What it takes to become a hair transplant specialist;

  •       To have knowledge in the relevant field,
  •       To be experienced in the relevant field,
  •       To prioritize hygiene rules,
  •       Graduating from health departments.

Hair Transplant Specialist Responsibilities

Hair transplantation operation requires a lot of meticulous work. Therefore, the hair transplantation team has some duties and obligations.  Some of these responsibilities include;

  •       To examine the skin and hair structure of the patient,
  •       To investigate the hair follicles to be taken,
  •       To inform the patient before and after the procedure,
  •       To check the health status of the patient,
  •       To analyze the width of hairless areas,
  •       Washing hair after the procedure,
  •       To carry out pre- and postoperative checks of patients.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Specialist?

When researching hair transplantation specialists, you should examine many points such as the university and department, references, experience and technique used by the graduate university. Researching references and techniques used allows you to learn more accurately about the subject. When choosing the specialist who will perform the hair transplantation application, the previous operations should be looked at and the evaluation should be made and decisions should be made. The fact that the hair transplantation team is skilled and experienced increases the patient’s confidence in the specialist. The hair transplantation team is the one who ensures the success of the operation. Reliable and experienced hair transplantation team communicates with the patient one-on-one and helps you by answering the questions about the operation process. The hair transplantation team should observe the patient’s wishes and characteristics and apply the most accurate hair transplantation technique for the person. The hair transplantation team should tell the person about all kinds of situations that may develop during the whole operation process and provide the necessary information.

All hair transplantation techniques performed in our clinic are carried out by specialist doctors and with the latest technological tools. If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, you can contact us for detailed information.


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